Clifford Clegg is the owner of CCPEO Consulting, Inc. Since 1997 he has provided PEO consulting services to business owners — from start-ups to large companies.

Clifford Clegg

Clifford B. Clegg

After working with large national PEOs, regional PEOs and small local PEOs, we have established professional relationships that will benefit any size company looking to utilize a PEO. Using our experience and a needs analysis, we assist business owners to find solutions to the human resources challenges they face.

After two years as a top producer for a large national PEO based in Florida, Clifford brought his industry expertise to a top-rated regional PEO in the Texas and Oklahoma markets. After five years as a top producer there, he moved to Kansas City to work with another top regional PEO serving Kansas, Missouri and Illinois. With the expertise gained in this journey, he saw a need for business owners to have broader choices in the PEO arena and founded CCPEO Consulting to meet that need.

Today, the company provides multiple choices of PEO solutions to organizations nationwide.