Many managers are surprised to learn how many staff resources are actually used in the process of administering HR functions inhouse.

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Streamlined processes

After a year of evaluating whether or not to partner with a PEO, I contacted CCPEO Consulting again because of issues we were having with large down payments and end-of-year audits.

Cliff’s proposal showed a huge savings on our workers comp policy, with the added benefit of no year-end audit. This was music to our ears, and the actual monthly payments are included in our payroll.

Cliff made the transition quick and effortless on our part. He even went to various job sites to have the employees sign all paperwork  — something most companies wouldn’t want to do. The company that CCPEO Consulting paired us with has been wonderful. Not only is the staff awesome, but they discovered that our former payroll company was filing employee taxes wrong and worked with us to correct the problem.

We are considered a valuable client, as opposed to a person on a piece of paper that gets filed in a drawer. It is very nice that Cliff calls on us regularly to make sure everything is okay, and if we ever do have a problem or issue, he is on it right away making sure it’s corrected.

— Electrical contractor, Pennsylvania

Unbiased guidance from CCPEO Consulting

When my accounting team began exploring the idea of converting to a PEO, we quickly discovered that we needed someone we could trust to provide us unbiased guidance and help ensure that we received the best deal available on the market. An associate referred Mr. Clegg of CCPEO Consulting, Inc. to us and he immediately began educating my team and myself on the ins and outs of the PEO industry. He helped us to create an accurate profile of our company to present to potential PEOs based on the needs of our employees, the potential for extra perks that were important to our employees, and helped to make sure that our legal liability was covered as well. He brought back several options for my team to explore and assisted us in deciding which program best suited our needs. Mr. Clegg then made himself readily available throughout the entire transition process and made it his mission to ensure that everything integrated seamlessly.

Once everything was up and running, Mr. Clegg has continued to check in periodically with myself and my staff to offer any assistance or answer any questions that we may need. I would advise anyone who has employees to explore the idea of converting to a PEO, and I highly recommend that you enlist the services of CCPEO and Mr. Clegg.

— Delivery and logistics company, Georgia

Better health benefits

Being in a PEO was the best business decision I’ve made since starting my company. It gave me relief from the ever increasing cost of health benefits. Every year our cost got higher and our benefits got smaller. Using a PEO provided my employees with the ability to choose a plan that fit their lives and provided me a chance to give them benefits at a truly affordable cost to my company.

— Manufacturing company, Oklahoma


It seemed like every payroll with our former payroll company was filled with errors. Mistakes that just didn’t seem to ever go away. It appeared to me that they just didn’t care about us and it was clear that they weren’t going to prioritize some of the issues that concerned me. Cliff told us about the PEO industry and it was a great fit for us. I now have the relief that our payroll is correct and deposits are being made. I no longer wonder if payroll will be correct. Cliff takes good care of us and is always there for our questions and if there is a problem with anything, he handles it and I continue to run my company.

— Telecommunications company, Texas

Cost containment

For the last few years our healthcare cost have gone up every year. Every time our health renewal came around I wondered just how bad it would be. I never knew there was a way to reduce our cost without reducing the actual benefits to my employees Cliff showed us how a PEO can improve our overall employee benefits offerings. I couldn’t believe just how much better it was for my company to be a part of a PEO. Now I never worry about renewal and have really enjoyed working with Clifford — he gives us exactly what he promises. I wish I had heard of a PEO years ago.

— Data call center, Texas

Savings and peace of mind

I own a small janitorial cleaning company with 28 employees. CCPEO Consulting was able to take all my products (payroll, workers’ compensation and business insurance) and place them under one PEO umbrella. That saved me nearly $15,000 per year. The savings — plus protecting my long term employee liability — has provided me peace of mind. As an owner, I have one less thing to worry about each year.

— Janitorial company, Texas